Collection: The Goddess Collection

Our Goddess Collection is made with love and passion! 

We stock all your goddess needs from Yoni eggs to yoni steam chairs and herbs. 

Our Yoni Eggs:

These beauties are egg-shaped gemstones that can be inserted into the vagina to improve sexual health, strengthen the pelvic floor, and increase sexual satisfaction. Also known as yoni eggs, could aid sexual wellness and all round beautiful to look at!

Yoni Detox herbs are: Lavender, Marigold, rosemary, sage, raspberry, chamomile, mugwort and rose petals. Your bag should give you enough herbs for 5 to 6 steams. Full instructions given and one bag will allow enough herbs for 4 or 5 steams. Equally beautiful sprinkled in your bath water...... 

Massage Wands: Made of rose quartz, these slim, sleek wands are beautiful for massage or in your Spa care routine. The ultra smooth touch wont hurt your skin, they are natural, long lasting and beautiful.

For therapists our yoni detox packages can be hired for circles, retreats or events. 

Private sessions can also be arranged.